At Absolute Kitchen & Bath Works, we offer expert kitchen remodeling services. Our passion for kitchen design and remodeling in West Palm Beach, FL means we do everything we can to keep our own kitchens in shape when we’re cooking something like Thanksgiving dinner or any size meal. Are you protecting your cabinets when you’re cooking this holiday? Our expert cabinet installer in West Palm Beach, FL has put together some tips for keeping your kitchen damage-free. 

How does a cabinet installer in West Palm Beach, FL recommend I protect my cabinets? 

Cooking can create two elements which may damage kitchen cabinets- grease and steam. A good vent above your stovetop can help prevent damage, but it can’t keep your cabinets completely damage-free. Our cabinet installer in West Palm Beach, FL has put together some top tips for protecting your cabinetry when cooking: 

  • Open a window. When you’re cooking this Thanksgiving, a lot of grease or smoke may build up. Make sure to open a window so the grease and smoke have a place to go! Kitchen windows are ideal for improving the ventilation in this cooking space.  

  • Use your vent! Ovens and stovetops have vents or air filters up top. While a vent that pulls cooking air outside is not ideal, not every kitchen is equipped with this. If you only have a filter above your oven and stove, make sure to get cooking air out of your kitchen by opening a window or turning on a fan.  

  • Put a lid on it. Lids over splatter-prone dishes can help reduce the grease that gets into your kitchen’s air. Make sure to reduce splattering and grease by using plenty of lids when cooking.  

  • Open the oven slowly. Quickly opening the oven can result in a rush of hot or even greasy air in your kitchen. The air may fly up, resulting in greasy or stained cabinets. Instead, open the oven slowly to allow the warm air within to slowly release.  

  • Get to cleaning when you’re done cooking! Cleaning your cabinets each time after you cook can help reduce grease buildup. Just make sure to use a cleaner that’s proper for your cabinet materials, you don’t want to damage your cabinets!  

With these tips from our expert cabinet installer in West Palm Beach, FL, you can enjoy great cabinets this Thanksgiving and every day. Keeping grease buildup at bay requires a little extra care, but it can increase the longevity of your cabinets. For more tips, or for the best cabinets, call our team at Absolute Kitchen & Bath Works. We wish your family a happy Thanksgiving!