How Can Remodeling Fix Your Kitchen?


If you’re stuck in an older kitchen, you’re probably well aware of all its flaws. While you can’t just wave a magic wand to enjoy a brand new kitchen, you can call upon our kitchen design experts at Absolute Kitchen & Bath Works for your kitchen remodeling in West Palm Beach, FL. We remodel kitchens big and small to include the luxury features that today’s homeowners have come to expect. If your kitchen has seen its better days, remodeling can fix the functional and stylistic flaws that are dragging your kitchen down. At Absolute Kitchen & Bath Works, we’ve remodeled countless kitchens over the years. Here are the top 5 ways a kitchen remodel can improve your home:

  1. Improved floor plan. Older kitchens simply weren’t designed for today’s big, busy families. Our design experts at Absolute Kitchen & Bath Works can create a kitchen design which maximizes your kitchen’s square footage, planning appliance locations for optimal kitchen flow.
  2. More counter space. Countertops are the heart and soul of a quality kitchen. They’re the space where you prepare meals, along with serving the occasional casual weeknight meal. Busy kitchens thrive on maximized counter space, and our team at Absolute Kitchen & Bath Works can help increase your countertop space with kitchen islands and enhanced appliance storage.
  3. Quality materials. Are you finally ready to stop worrying about scratching or burning your countertops? Today’s countertops are created from beautiful and durable materials including granite and quartz. These materials are tough as nails, they resist chips, cracks, stains, burning and cutting far better than your current countertop material. Additionally, we offer cabinets of beautiful wood finishes that will withstand your family’s use.
  4. More effective cabinet storage. Would organizational elements such as dishware specific cabinets or soft pull drawers improve your cabinetry’s overall function? What about in-cabinet spice storage, and even hidden electrical outlets? When you trust in our designer cabinets in West Palm Beach, FL, you’ll receive the organizational elements your kitchen has been missing.
  5. True customization. At Absolute Kitchen & Bath Works, we believe that the best kitchen is one which has been customized to the needs of your home and your family. With a truly customized kitchen, your hectic mornings and crowded cookouts will become a breeze. We take the time to listen to your needs so we can design the kitchen of your dreams.

A high quality kitchen can help improve the overall functionality and even the overall value of your home. At Absolute Kitchen & Bath Works, we have been designing and installing high quality kitchens throughout the area for over 10 years. With our help, your kitchen will be your family’s favorite room in the house! Don’t keep dealing with an outdated and dysfunctional kitchen. Call us today at (561) 833-4447 to learn more about kitchen remodeling.


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