Check out the Top West Palm Beach Remodeling Trends as 2015 Approaches


You know when you walk into a bathroom and it hasn’t been remodeled in a while. Plenty of West Palm Beach remodeling projects revolve around the bathroom because it’s a room we spend a lot of time in but which often gets overlooked in favor of other upgrades around the house. When your house needs a new roof or the exterior paint is peeling, these often take priority over a bathroom remodel. However, remodeling in West Palm Beach can often times raise the overall resale value of your home just as much as other the other projects. The experts at Absolute Kitchen & Bath Works are in tune with the latest and greatest trends in the world of bathroom remodeling and can help you bring your sink, shower and more into the modern age.

Today’s bathroom advancements not only create beautiful spaces, but can also help conserve water and lower your utility bills. Some of the most common bathroom remodeling projects in West Palm Beach today involve the use of recycled glass tile and other materials which have been repurposed. Absolute Kitchen & Bath Works can help you reuse and repurpose items which can add a unique appearance while also helping the environment. Recycled tiles follow another West Palm Beach remodeling trend as well; color. Gone are the days when stark white bathrooms were the standard. Today we love deep and beautiful colors which accent the room and the house as a whole.

There are plenty of large things to consider when undergoing a bathroom remodel in West Palm Beach, but plenty of small things as well. Everyone thinks the vanity, the toilet and the shower/tub are the most important and they might be right, but it’s the small accents which can really make or break a bathroom. For instance, a new trend that adds a certain elegance to a bathroom is a framed mirror and other living room-esque touches. This can make a bathroom feel warmer and more inviting. Lighting can also fall into this trend. Bright, fluorescent lights have given way to softer, more antiquated fixtures which would seem more in place in a parlor or dining room. Lighting fixtures vary greatly so working with the West Palm Beach remodeling experts at Absolute Kitchen & Bath Works can help you decide which fixtures are right for you.

You don’t have to tackle a remodeling project in West Palm Beach by yourself. Call Absolute Kitchen & Bath Works and get help from the professionals!

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