Smart Kitchens are the Future of Remodeling in West Palm Beach


In early January 2014, a collection of people descended on Las Vegas, NV for the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES). While the usual smattering of amazing tech advancements in the cell phone and TV arena’s wowed attendees, it was the smart kitchen displays which seemed to have the most intriguing promise on the future of food preparation. While many of the advancements are not, and may never be, commercially viable, it’s still cool to think of the possibilities for those who are looking to remodel a kitchen or bathroom in West Palm Beach. A company like Absolute Kitchen & Bath Works can be a real asset for someone who is looking to build a new kitchen from scratch and wants it to be the most futuristic one on the block.

Perhaps the most awesome kitchen innovation seen at CES was the interactive countertop and cook surface. Imagine your kitchen countertop in West Palm Beach is now a tablet computer that’s as durable as granite. That means you can pull up a recipe or watch a video while you’re cooking. The best part is that the surface is designed to only heat metal, meaning you can’t burn yourself on the surface. With social media integration, you can show people your exact process such as cooking time and temperature with incredible accuracy. Smart kitchen countertops are a ways off right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get a great deal on a piece of granite or marble for your kitchen countertop in West Palm Beach.

The smart or touch screen phase is in full swing with kitchen innovations as many of the ovens, fridges and more had integrated touchscreens and Wi-Fi capability. The fridge, for example, could act as a shopping list which could be downloaded to a smart phone anywhere. That means when you’re out of milk, make a note on the fridge and you can set up a notification on devices like phones or tablets. This kind of connectivity can really open the door for kitchen advancement.

It’s not exactly the Jetsons, but kitchen remodeling in 2014 is still pretty exciting. There are so many options to choose from that working with the pros makes a ton of sense. When you want to turn your kitchen from old and boring to new and noteworthy, then pick up the phone right now and call the expert remodelers at Absolute Kitchen & Bath Works.

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