The Advantages of Caesar Stone Countertops in West Palm Beach


It’s hard to argue with the traditional look of granite or marble countertops in the kitchen or bathroom. A company like Absolute Kitchen & Bath Works provides their customers with beautiful kitchen countertops in West Palm Beach, FL. However, some people are deciding not to install traditional granite countertop for their kitchen or bath vanity. Plenty are choosing a new type of countertop material known as Caesar stone when it comes to a kitchen and bathroom remodeling project. Caesar stone is a type of surfacing material that is manufactured rather than mined. Caesar stone can be molded to any shape it comes in a huge selection colors and patterns. While it’s not as tough as real granite or quartz, Caesar stone is still far sturdier than a cheap laminate counter and will last for years if not decades. Non-porous and stain resistant, Caesar stone is a great alternative to any remodeling project.

Absolute Kitchen & Bath Works has been assisting the people of West Palm Beach, FL with all of their kitchen and bathroom remodeling needs for over a decade. Since countertops and cabinets are a huge part of a remodeling project, the experts at Absolute Kitchen & Bath Works have plenty of experience working with both. Recently, Caesar stone countertops are a popular seller because they look great, are very durable and they are not as expensive as a piece of natural stone. Since Caesar stone is melted and shaped into a single solid piece, you’re getting a very heavy-duty countertop.  Traditional countertops require a hole be cut out for the sink, but a Caesar stone counter allows for a sink to be molded directly into the counter, meaning there won’t be visible seems like with natural stone.

Not all homeowners have Caesar stone countertops in West Palm Beach, FL, but those that do are very happy with their decision. Going with a Caesar stone countertop means getting a high quality countertop material without having to break the bank. Absolute Kitchen & Bath Works is the best place to get a Caesar stone countertop in West Palm Beach, FL. Stop by our showroom today for more information about installing a Caesar stone countertop in your kitchen or bathroom.

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