Selecting Corian Countertops in West Palm Beach, FL


It’s hard to argue with the traditional look of granite or marble countertops in the kitchen or bathroom. A company like Absolute Kitchen & Bath Works provides their customers with high quality stone countertops in West Palm Beach, FL. However, some people are opting not to go with a traditional stone countertop for their kitchen or vanity top. Many are choosing a relatively new type of countertop material known as corian. Manufactured by chemical giant DuPont, corian is a type of surfacing material made from acrylic polymer heated then molded at a temperature of 300 degrees. What makes corian so popular is its versatility and durability. Corian can be molded to fit perfectly with any custom kitchen shape and it comes in pretty much any color or pattern you can think of. While it’s not quite as tough as granite or quartz, corian is still far more durable than a cheap laminate counter and will last for a long time. It is no porous so you don’t need to worry about stains either.

Absolute Kitchen & Bath Works has been helping the people of West Palm Beach, FL with all of their kitchen and bathroom remodeling needs for over a decade. Since countertops are such a large part of a remodeling project, the experts at Absolute Kitchen & Bath Works have a huge selection of countertops to choose from. As of late, corian countertops are a popular seller because they look great, stand up to the test of time and they aren’t nearly as expensive as a piece of natural stone. Since corian is melted and shaped into a single solid piece, you’re getting a very strong countertop.  Traditional countertops require a hole be cut out for the sink, but a corian counter allows for a sink to be molded directly into the counter, meaning it is entirely seamless.

Not all homeowners have corian countertops in West Palm Beach, FL, but those that do are very happy with their decision. Going with a corian countertop means getting a high quality countertop material without having to break the bank. Absolute Kitchen & Bath Works is the best place to get a corian countertop in West Palm Beach, FL. Stop by our showroom today for more information about installing a corian countertop in your kitchen or bathroom.

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