Caring for Marble


Here’s a quick geology lesson. Marble is a kind of metamorphosed limestone, meaning it was formed using pressure from within the earth. Limestone, as it so happens, is mainly comprised of calcite, an extremely soft and porous mineral. The process of forming marble hardens it considerably, but it is still quite susceptible to stains, particularly from acidic substances. Things like coffee, orange juice, anything tomato related and vinegar have very a high acid content and can leave unsightly stains on any marble bathroom or kitchen countertops in West Palm Beach, FL. Many people spring for a new marble countertop because of their beauty. However, not many people understand that it takes a significant amount of care to keep countertops in the best shape possible. For all its durable properties, marble can still be ruined by something as simple as a misplaced juice glass. Light colored marble in particular is difficult to maintain as even water can leave stains if left sitting on the stone for long enough.

In order to combat stains and other unattractive spots, most people have their marble countertops sealed. The sealant acts as a barrier between the stone and the world around it. A sealed stone will be far more resistant to staining and you won’t need to act with lightning speed when someone spills orange juice at breakfast. Sealing should be done immediately after the stone is installed so it retains its brand new look. Sealant usually lasts for a year or two depending on usage. It’s important to keep your marble counter sealed regularly because once it’s stained, there might be no remedy. Sealing will not remove stains, it will only prevent them from occurring in the future. Actual stain removal by a professional is very expensive and depending on the damage you might be better off buying a new kitchen countertop in West Palm Palm, FL from a place like Absolute Kitchen & Bath Works.

There’s no point in spending a boatload of your hard earned dollars on a new marble counter if you’re not going to take the necessary precautions to maintain it. Save yourself time and money down the road by sealing your bathroom or kitchen countertops in West Palm Beach, FL. For more information about caring for marble countertops or for a huge selection of new stone countertops, check out a company like Absolute Kitchen & Bath Works today! The friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you achieve your dream of a newly remodeled kitchen or bathroom.

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